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Memories of Las Vegas…

      Didn’t make it to Vegas for the annual IIBA business analysts conference? Here are some key takeaways. How to keep bringing more value to internal or external…

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Caroline Ménard Named President of Brio

Sylvie Charbonneau, founder of Brio, is finalizing her succession plan by appointing Caroline Ménard to the position of President. Ms. Charbonneau will remain on the Board of Directors and the…

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When it comes to transformation, not all roads lead to Rome. So how do you find your way?

When it comes to transformation, not all roads lead to Rome. So how do you find your way? When you’re travelling or driving, it’s relatively easy to find your way…

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Philippe Carpentier, New Partner at Brio

Brio is pleased to welcome its new partner, Philippe Carpentier. As a strategic and organizational transformation consultant for over 20 years, Philippe’s career has included partnerships at Deloitte and Oliver…

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Last Tuesday October 18, Brio was illustrating live a “Change management” conference by les Affaires. Effective and spectacular “graphic facilitation” by our own Aline Baron.  See the completed work right…

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Let’s talk successful HR transformation at Desjsardins, CRHA congress 2016.

Get the behind the scene account of a major transformation initiated by the first vice-presidency human resource and key Desjardins leaders, spearheaded by Brio, your management boutique. The speakers: Sylvie…

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point interrogation

A Coaches Secret Weapon: The Powerful Question!

When it comes to coaching, people often talk about active listening. In fact, this boils down to the ability to ask the right questions, i.e. the ones that allow coaches…

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Managing change at the last minute

This is not fiction. We’re 30 days away from the official launch of a client’s integrated solution. What should be a stimulating time is becoming quite stressful, due to a…

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Clé leadership

“Your Power of Influence Is Your Best Asset” An article by Caroline Ménard, published in Leader magazine for Desjardins General managers

“Influencers should never neglect the fact that their own attitude is one of their most effective tools of persuasion.” Here are a few tips passed along in an article written…

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