Caroline Germain

Senior Consultant

“Caroline loves to travel and discover new cities. She enjoys exploring different places to get a taste of the local food, architecture, nature and culture. This inquisitiveness is reflected in her work, where she quickly assimilates the DNA of the companies she guides through various change projects.”

Discovering organizations from the ground up is one of Caroline’s strength. She’s adept at understanding people’s different realities and building bridges between them. Like a Sherpa, she paves the way by guiding teams step by step through the change process. She has a knack for building relationships, which allows her to more easily motivate teams to embrace innovative strategies. She manages to inspire people by creating positive environments that make transformation fun and collaborative.

For Caroline, each new cultural transformation mandate is like a journey to the very heart of an organization. As such, her many “destinations” have included clients in a wide range of fields, including technologies, multimedia, aeronautics, manufacturing and finance. Every time, she carries an impressive baggage of experience that he can call upon to optimize her strategies and create organizational models that open up new horizons for her clients.