Hélène Desrochers

Coach and Change Management Consultant

“For years, tennis has been Hélène’s passion. She plays like she works: by constantly refining her strategy, intensity and focus to bring her A-game.”

Hélène is driven by a deep desire to make sure people are thriving and developing at work… and all the better to help organizations evolve. This strategy has guided her professional game plan for over 25 years. She began her career in project management, continued as a manager for several years, then upped her game to develop and conduct many training sessions and conferences. Hélène is also dedicated to working with managers and their teams, to strategic thinking with senior executives and to personal coaching. Throughout her various projects, she has worked with both private and public companies in Quebec and abroad. Hélène has a reputation for building lasting, trusting relationships and for motivating people to work together, minimize their differences and maximize their strengths, all while staying aligned with their business vision.

In tennis, a partner’s skills on the court are essential to a good game…and at work, Hélène is a strong partner who helps her clients keep their eyes on the ball.