Lyse Mérineau

Coach and Transformation Specialist

Lyse, an executive coach and psychologist, excels in guiding people and teams in contexts of cultural transformation, organizational development and change management. For her, successful change is based on an understanding of shared goals, developing each player’s potential and using all the available resources. She has applied this winning approach to all sizes of industries and organizations for 25 years. Gifted with keen intuition and excellent analytical skills, Lyse can capture the essence of people and assess the subtlety of situations. Her blend of reflection, devotion and generosity has added up to great success for her clients.

Recognition: An overrated concept or a winning practice?

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Comme certains de vous le savent déjà, un des 8 accélérateurs de changement selon John P. Kotter est de célébrer les victoires. Dans mon expérience, plus la transformation est profonde et touche des dimensions telle la culture organisationnelle, plus elle nécessitera de temps avant de récolter les bénéfices escomptés. La reconnaissance devient alors un levier qui peut faire une réelle différence.As some of you may already know, one of the eight steps for leading change according to John P. Kotter is to celebrate the wins. In my experience, the deeper the transformation and the more it impacts aspects such as organizational culture, the more time it requires to reap the expected benefits. Recognition then becomes a lever that can make a real difference.

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