Véronique Perrault

Senior Consultant

“Véronique is always fully committed on the path that leads to performance, whether she’s cross-country skiing or accompanying a client in a change process. She believes successful organizational transformations are intrinsically linked with sports, because both require a combination of effort and emotion.”

Véronique is a consultant who’s inspired by human values, having gained over 15 years of experience in public service organization, organizational communication, team management, intervention, university teaching and innovation. When it comes to change management, she glides along just as easily on an individual or collective level, and she has no fear of any obstacles that may arise during complex mandates.

As a woman who’s passionate about transformation, Véronique is especially appreciative of the positive commitment that results from powerful organizational cohesion – like when every part of the human body works together towards one common goal. It’s little wonder she has such solid experience in developing cultures focused on the client experience, organizational design optimization, and – of course – performance