C2 Montréal – In Praise of Creativity

C2 Inauguration by the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra

The 6th C2 Montréal is now over. We learned a great deal. Heard captivating speakers. Discovered fascinating visions. But what we will remember most from these three days are the encounters: Braindates in groups of two or more, workshops, master classes, Labs, cocktails on the patio, and more. These were planned and chance occurrences where we got to share with people who, like us, are quick to leave their comfort zone behind and take (calculated) risks to change their perspective, and pioneer. 

Hats off to C2: Instead of playing it safe by calling upon the abilities and communication skills of a few high-profile speakers, the organization opted for creativity, innovation and ingenuity.

We can only applaud this initiative, built into the event’s very DNA, because this notion of creativity is exactly what Brio draws on the most to help businesses transform themselves. It emerges when everyone is called upon to contribute, with the clashing of people who start off with opposing views, and with exchanges among people who are invited to step out of their comfort zones.

They say a company’s real worth does not lie with its capital, but rather in the potential of its ideas and the people behind them. One of the success stories of the C2 2017 was just that: banking on talent. Whereas talent is an intangible resource, without it, there is no growth or performance—it is what sets you apart, whether you are a company, a city, a party, an NGO or any other type of organization.

To bring talent to the fore, leaders must delegate their power, nurture their openness to new ideas and, even, cultivate counterintuitive thinking, which produces ideas that are sometimes so far from our own preconceived notions that we tend to toss them aside right away.

So how do we get there? By developing and implementing a true innovation process that embraces counterintuitive ideas from the get-go. Since this is not always easy, adopting a real innovation process is imperative.

That is precisely what C2 did by presenting what certainly qualifies as an excellent way of innovating: engage leaders and their employees in simulation exercises (in situ simulations, mass simulations and other types of exercises) so they can inhabit a situation, however common or uncommon, in real time or not, in order to foster new ideas.

C2 2018

We can’t wait to take part in C2 Montréal 2018, since it will delve into transformative collisions and explore a line of thinking devoted specifically to leadership. With good reason: in the present-day context of perpetual motion, it is essential that we rely on creativity to give our teams the push they need to generate and execute great visions of the future. Leadership is crucial in this regard.

Major shifts such as brand changes, for example, require leaders to not only spearhead external transformations with their clients and suppliers, but also a profound change in organizational culture. A brand change must be reflected in the management philosophy and the creation of meaning with managers and employees in order to encourage their commitment and sense of belonging. 

Our encounters at C2 Montréal gave us an experience rich in content, ideas, learning and human contact. Its organization successfully reinvented the conference experience by investing not only in knowledge, but also in the experience of its participants.

A Cirque du Soleil Journey of reinvention

Experience was in fact the event’s leitmotif. As with virtual reality, which lets us alter our perception of reality and see things in a new light, opening ourselves to experience enables us to project ourselves into a vision, into an unusual project, and develop a taste for risk and dedication to a mission. For everyone involved.

Every year, C2 is where thousands of decision makers and creative minds unite to collectively shape, experience, and challenge the future of business.

What are you waiting for to reinvent? The time for action is now.



Authors Collective: Alexandra Corbeil, Justine Gagnon, Laurent Bonnefoy, Sylvain Hilby et Carole Jouanno.