certified interrogation

CCMP – to get certified or not to get certified? That is the question.

Who is the ideal candidate for certification? Ever since the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) launched the Certified Change Management Professional CCMPTM (Certified Change Management ProfessionalMC ) certification program,…

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augmentation performance entreprise

Organ donation: A successful transformation !

Both the media and specialized literature often relate failures rather than success stories. Based on the notion that we learn as much from good things than from bad, here’s a…

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Soccer - Diagnostic

Who wants to win the champions league?

Co-author – Camille Simard-Lavoie In a few years, I’ll be able to tell my kids that I was one of 61,004 fans who crammed into Olympic Stadium last April to…

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Bolgue Kill the company - Juin 2015

Special edition–ACMP annual conference: Is it time to kill the company?

As the world evolves more and more quickly, the companies that survive are those that can rapidly adapt to the multiple changes that transform their industry, and to the increasingly…

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Before After Meditation

Special edition–acmp annual conference: How about adding meditation to our change management toolbox? Part 2

Results We can learn a lot from the experience of Wendy Quan, Change Manager in a major insurance company. Based her knowledge that meditation can alleviate stress, she started organizing…

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Méditation volet 1

Special edition–ACMP annual conference: How about adding meditation to our change management toolbox? Part 1

Concept Forget about gurus, incense, cramp-inducing postures and time-travelling introspection: I want to talk about an entirely different kind of mediation. The kind that won Wendy Quan first prize at…

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Waterfall vs Agile ENG

Special edition–ACMP annual conference: How “agile” is your change management approach?

***** Special Edition – ACMP Annual conference ***** Our most recent Brioches & Echanges, held on May 7, was dedicated to the annual ACMP Conference. We had the pleasure of…

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Supervisor and manager: Completing each other

When we talk about change management, there’s a lot of discussion about the manager’s role – which seems normal, because managers take on multiple tasks, i.e. participating in detailed impact…

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imPossible concept

Managing change and operations simultaneously: Don’t panic! It’s possible!

Managers are sending out an S.O.S.: handling operations takes up 100% of their time, yet managing change requires just as much energy. It all seems so impossible, unless they agree…

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Results Change Capacity ENG

Does your organization really have the capacity to change? How can you be sure?

Organizations are often overwhelmed by the challenges that come with managing and processing multiple and sometimes concurrent changes. These obstacles can lead to demobilization and endanger change projects that are…

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