Defining and Implementing Transformations

Internalizing Change Management to Develop “Change DNA” Among Managers (Part 2 of 2)

THE 7 STEPS TO INTERNALIZING THE CHANGE MANAGEMENT FUNCTION The team that is identified as the best equipped to support managers in their ongoing change management role must proceed in…

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“Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle” — a successful book launch!

Last Thursday evening marked the launch of the book “Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle,” co-written by two members of the Brio Conseils team, President Sylvie Charbonneau and Executive Consultant…

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Discover the new business novel “Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle” co-written by Sylvie Charbonneau, Aline Baron and Céline Bareil

Discover the new business novel Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle, co-written by two members of the Brio Conseils team, president Sylvie Charbonneau and executive advisor Aline Baron, as well…

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Two Recommended Summaries of the Les Affaires Conference on Organizational Transformation

On December 8, 2015, Les Affaires organized a conference on organizational transformation, and Brio Conseils was there as a partner and guest speaker. Olivier Schmouker and Alexandra Corbeil have both…

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Événement les Affaires - Transformation organisationnelle

Engage your employees in your transformations

On December 8, it was with great interest that I attended the very first conference organized by Événement Les Affaires dealing with organizational transformation. Managers from various organizations spoke about…

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augmentation performance entreprise

Organ donation: A successful transformation !

Both the media and specialized literature often relate failures rather than success stories. Based on the notion that we learn as much from good things than from bad, here’s a…

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Article published in Les Affaires with the contribution of Caroline Ménard

The article illustrates how to overcome the dilemmasthat may arise during a transformation. Brio Conseilsleads you to the good questions for the success of the transformation plan while continuing to…

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Choosing an adviser specialized in organizational transformations: A real headache!

Buying a product is easy. But actually choosing it is always more complex. Of course, impulse buying eliminates having to choose, but the potential for regretting it is much higher….

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Change management diagram

Don’t call it change management!

J’ai remarqué au cours des dernières années que dans certaines organisations, le mot gestion du changement est devenu sacrilège! On n’y croit pas, on n’y croit plus. Peu importe les raisons, il n’est pas nécessaire de parler de gestion du changement à tout prix pour faire le bien dans votre organisation.

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Assess the culture of your organization: an optimal combination of quantitative and qualitative diagnoses

Les Québécois vivent dans des cabanes, leurs hommes sont des bûcherons et leurs femmes des féministes, ils mangent régulièrement de la viande d’orignal et idolâtrent le modèle américain. Je m’approche de la réalité? Certainement pas! i vous êtes Québécois(e) et que vous trouvez ce portrait de la culture québécoise particulièrement réducteur et erroné, vous ressentez certainement une émotion proche de celle du dirigeant à qui l’on vient de présenter la culture de son organisation suite à l’utilisation maladroite d’un outil diagnostic de la culture organisationnelle.Quebecers live in cabins, the men are lumberjacks and the women are feminists; they regularly eat moose meat and idolize the American dream. Am I getting close to the truth? Certainly not. If you are a Quebecer and you find this depiction of Quebec culture particularly simplistic and erroneous, you will probably feel emotions similar to those of a senior manager who was presented a picture of his organization’s culture following the poor use of a diagnostic tool to assess organizational culture.

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