Insightful cases

Organizational Brio happens when a transformation succeeds in profoundly impacting a business, its leaders and its driving force all at once. That’s when ambitions are fulfilled and new value is created.

Here are a few emblematic insightful cases that demonstrate our boutique approach, along with appreciative testimonials of leaders who were reinvented by Brio.

Yes! We can plan a cultural transformation and measure it!

Implementing a new five-year strategic plan for a regulatory authority called for the introduction of several initiatives in order to accomplish one of the plan’s main objectives: fostering a high-performing collaborative culture in its teams.

Cultural transformations involve far-reaching changes, that takes a number of years to become ingrained. To effectively navigate this type of transformation, it is important to understand the culture’s starting point and measure its development. This task was the basis of Brio’s involvement.

Download the case study (PDF)

Experiencing a successful transition of the merger of State Farm Canada and Desjardins – Property and Casualty Insurance

In January 2014, the Senior Vice-President of Property and Casualty Insurance at Desjardins announced that Desjardins would acquire the Canadian operations of State Farm, one of North America’s insurance industry leaders. This acquisition made Desjardins the largest property and casualty insurance provider in Ontario, and one of the top three in Canada. The strategic, financial, and operational alliance had a major impact on both organizations’ operations, affecting the entire State Farm distribution system (the network of exclusive agents) across Canada. The transition took place over a three-year period; Brio’s mandate was to support the client during this time, from the comprehensive review phase until Desjardins operations had been fully integrated into the daily reality of State Farm employees and its agent network. The acquisition affected all functions of both organizations, including procedures, workplace culture, structures, clients, and products, and this adjustment quickly gave rise to many complex issues for the many people affected.

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Loto-Québec supports its teams and leaders to build a long lasting capacity to change

To facilitate adopting the changes brought about by its numerous projects and to build on its internal expertise on change management, Loto-Québec was looking for a new internal approach and a robust, simple, and proven toolkit with which to navigate it. The organization had become increasingly more aware that the ability to adopt change is an important indicator of success and that well-coordinated efforts were needed between the various existing actors, including both support teams and managers. Loto-Québec enlisted Brio to design and deliver development and training programs for all of its targeted clients.

Download the case study (PDF)

Reinvented leaders, in their own words:

I got to experience for myself the high caliber of talent at Brio. We were in the habit of only dealing with large firms (the “Big 4”) to guide us in this type of exercise. I have to admit, the results we achieved were beyond my expectations, and it’s all thanks to the disciplined approached, professionalism and competence of our support team.

Guy Cormier, then Senior Vice-president, Branch Network & Consumer Services, Desjardins

« Brio intervened in the SAQ Inspire project as a change management specialist. The organization is extremely pleased with their work and how they leveraged their solid expertise to guide managers and coordinate the process. Their commitment to a job well done, along with their capacity to adapt quickly to any environment, have contributed to the success of this project. »

Nancy Bérubé, Manager, Development and Labour Relations, SAQ

« Not only did Brio’s volunteer services re-energize our team, they also gave us the resources and strategies we needed to review our operational structure and make the necessary changes to better serve our young clientele. Without a doubt, Brio is a partner that goes above and beyond simply advising: they fully support philanthropic causes with professionalism, respect and passion. Thank you! »

Gabriel Bran Lopez, Founder and General Manager, Fusion Jeunesse

« As the person in charge of strategic thinking, I got to benefit from the sustained support of the Brio team, which proved to be highly efficient in putting together a relevant and astute knowledge base in order to articulate the strategic decisions we needed to take. The Brio team made sure that management team members got to actively participate in the process, and we succeeded in creating a team strategy, which led to better group synergy. »

Nathalie Larue, Vice-president, Business Solutions Development & Implementation, Desjardins