The Transformation League on the web

Brio Conseils, Julhiet Sterwen and Inmark are delighted to launch their new website following the creation of The Transformation League, and international consultancy network specializing in transformation and management.

Through this strategic alliance, Brio, Julhiet Sterwen and Inmark are joining forces to guide businesses and organizations in their transformations across Europe, North America and South America.

Each an independent leader in its respective market, Brio, Julhiet Sterwen and Inmark all share the conviction that long-term competitiveness is assured through a simultaneous understanding of human and business dimensions, as well as the alignment of the following components: strategic thinking, business models, client relationships, vision ownership, operational organization and effectiveness, management principles, operating modes, work environments, and work skills.

Along with Brio, Julhiet Sterwen and Inmark, The Transformation League will involve a limited number of other consultancies specialized in transformation and management, all independent leaders in their respective fields and sharing the same convictions and values. Operating on a human scale, and focusing on a cooperative business model and a promise to offer their clients global guidance by addressing problems based on local contexts, these consultancies position themselves as alternatives to large, integrated international networks.

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