To Climb on the Podium, It’s Important to Measure Up

In sports, the notions of training and measuring are absolute musts. So what if we applied that same principle to transformation?

“In sports, the notions of training and measuring are absolute musts.”

That’s exactly what one of our clients did last summer. After initiating some strategic thinking for its finance division in 2016, we proceeded to diagnose the criteria for success that needed to be implemented and maintained in order to successfully accomplish this ambitious transformation project. Our diagnosis led to the development of a detailed action plan, in the form of a roadmap, which allowed the clients to identify their milestones, manage their efforts, and bring in experts as needed. Of course, it wasn’t always easy to stay focused and positive through the various roadblocks we encountered.

After 12 months, our client wanted to measure the improvements we had achieved and find out which efforts were paying off in terms of helping the organization grow and move forward towards the podium. So we completed a second measurement of our criteria for success, to be put in place throughout the transformation process. The results were encouraging.

Just like an Olympic cycle, the transformation cycle takes time. As trainers for this team, we’re convinced that we’ll make it to the finish line and reap the expected rewards. And we’re very proud of the effort we put in.

When we measure our progress, we give ourselves an opportunity to adjust, to concentrate our efforts where it matters most, and to celebrate our successes. Obviously, comparing your results also allows you to evaluate them and track your progress. Our finance team is a team of true champions who are deeply committed to the success of their transformation. Here’s how it evolved.

Evolution of Results – 2016 & 2017

So what about you: where are you at in your training for a successful organizational transformation? Why not draw inspiration from this team?

To learn more about this type of diagnosis, please refer to this article.