Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle

The very first publication from the Management Boutique !

When it comes to organizational transformation, truth is more powerful than fiction. At least, that was the case until three seasoned experts, 3 times 25 years of experience, decided to write what may be the very first account of an organizational transformation whose success is matched only by its unbelievable twists and turns.

Over 100 senior managers attended the book launch to meet authors Sylvie Charbonneau, Aline Baron and Céline Bareil, who created the adventures of Léa – a woman that we at Brio refer to as a transformational manager. Follow her on-the-job training, in very realistic situations. It’s a great read – just make sure you have lost of post-it notes!

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« A little book that’s chock-full of great tips and big insights » – Steve Berger, Casino de Montréal.