Justine Gagnon

Executive Consultant

« Justine grew up on the banks of the Saint Lawrence river. Her love of water is reflected in her practice. She knows how to get a crew to man the sails of organizational transformation and bring their business to port. »

Justine has been navigating the industry for more than 15 years. Most notably, she has successfully captained some twenty major cultural, technological and organizational changes. She believes that employees play an essential role in a successful business transformation. Like on a sailing ship, team work, connexion and exchanging are always essential.

Her overall and strategic understanding of businesses is well grounded. She knows that flexibility is key, and that you must sometimes adapt to the wind’s vagaries while taking advantage of the currents. Justine specializes in finding innovative ways of mobilizing employees and heightening their engagement to make sure they remain on board, even when big waves of change are rocking the ship.