Marie-Odile Duchesneau


“Music has been a large part of Marie-Odile’s life since her early childhood. She started studying piano and violin at age 6, and her passion and discipline led her all the way to a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Music. She brings the same quest for excellence to her current role as consultant.”

Always striving for improvement, Marie-Odile has an analytical mind and an excellent ability to question conventional methods. In fact, the link between emotions and creativity was the theme she chose to explore in her thesis when she did her Master’s Degree in Management Science at HEC Montréal – which she followed up with an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Cultural Organization Management. Whether playing the violin or advising corporate executives, she always strives to deliver the best and most genuine performance, because she feels that out of authenticity comes creativity – which translates to added value for her clients.

Having learned the language of music, Marie-Odile leverages her artistic sensitivity to make sharper diagnoses, in order to deliver results that are original, efficient and actionable. She enjoys developing each individual’s full potential through dialogue, collaboration and innovation. The passion she brings to understanding organizational realities through a human lens, along with her creativity and authenticity, are music to her clients’ ears.