Stéphanie Leygonie

Senior Consultant

“Whether within an organization or in improv,” says Stephanie“. You must always listen and adapt to one another to create a story together, a whole universe.”

Stéphanie easily works her way in transformation and change management. Strongly accustomed to adapting to all kinds of situations, she has worked with managers at all levels throughout her various projects. Like an agile improv player, she quickly analyses an organization’s culture to develop approaches and solutions that capitalizes on everyone’s strengths. Calls into questions, interruptions and sudden shifts in direction are all part of the job. Undaunted, Stéphanie grasps the complexity of each working environment to develop customized and flexible solutions. Stéphanie demonstrates both incredible discipline and strong creativity in improvisation as well as within organizations, and knows how to take advantage of the power of collaboration to help clients reinvent themselves.