Develop with us. Co-create with us. Join us in transforming leaders and organizations for a new era. With your ideas and your talent...with Brio.


Diversity of talent and experience is an asset, for us as well as for our clients. Working at Brio involves guiding organizations from various sectors, in an environment where each person’s transformation is enriched by the best organizational transformation practices.

Testimonials and Experiences

“At Brio, the expression ‘two heads are better than one’ really comes to life. They truly value collective intelligence, and our colleagues are always ready to help, whether that means simply sharing ideas, or trying them out.”


After completing a Master’s in Organizational Intervention and Change, and then working for a large public company, I chose Brio for the many development opportunities it offered. Since I joined the team, I’ve had the chance to work on several types of mandates in a range of contexts and industries, and with different colleagues. Here, everyone contributes to helping companies and their leaders. Brio allows us to confidently step out of our comfort zones, which fosters growth for both our organizations and ourselves.

Camille Simard-Lavoie
Senior Consultant

“At Brio, I’m free to get involved and assume responsibilities beyond my mandates. From client-account management to consultant coaching to business development, I always have opportunities to grow and to participate in the firm’s strategic decision-making.”


After having worked as a management consultant for several firms, I wanted to be somewhere that puts leaders at the heart of their transformations. Brio gives me enough latitude to innovate with my clients, which allows me to customize my interventions based on their realities and their needs. Internally, I can contribute to various projects that help the firm evolve, giving me the opportunity to develop my management skills.

Alexandra Corbeil
Executive Consultant

“Brio has an original value proposition that lets us work on the same mandates, with the same clients, as large firms, while still differentiating ourselves. Our co-building approach and our empathy lead us to more in-depth thinking. The strong growth we’re now experiencing gives us all an opportunity to participate in the firm’s management, allowing me to develop those skills.”


I chose Brio after having worked over 15 years as a consultant in large firms in Quebec and Europe. As someone who specializes in strategic consultancy, diagnosis, design and thinking, I like working in multi-disciplinary teams that can deliver more value to clients in each mandate. And because I’m involved in internal projects, I’m continuing to develop my leadership skills, while actively contributing to Brio’s growth and reinforcing my stature as a strategic consultant.

Sylvain Hillby
Executive Consultant

Why Brio?

A Collaborative Co-building Environment

At Brio, we help define and implement transformations based on our unique DNA, combining people with change management. We aspire to be guides, accelerators and catalysts in our clients’ transformations, with an approach centered on humility and goodwill.

What’s more, we value your entrepreneurship, leveraging the talents of our consultants to help Brio grow from within.

Value-added Interventions for Maximum Impact

At Brio, everyone teaches their colleagues and clients, and learns from them as well. Working at Brio means working together, to leverage our collective intelligence, share our knowledge and experience, and strive towards evolution – our own as well as others’.

Agile Recruiting

Phone Interview

Understanding Your Journey and Your Objectives


First Interview and Case Study

Validating Your Consultancy Skills and Getting to Know Each Other Better


Second Interview

Confirming Your Fit with Brio – and Vice Versa