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When the Journey Matters as Much as the Destination… By Camille Simard-Lavoie & Philippe Carpentier

Whatever your mandate, achieving your objectives is always the ultimate priority. But does that imply that the ends justify the means and anything goes as long as you arrive at your destination? At...

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The Client Experience: How to Walk the Talk By Aline Baron, in collaboration with Pierre Daems

There’s a saying that’s become so cliché and so obvious that’s it’s now considered an unimpeachable truth: the famous “Customer is king” line. ...

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How to Grow Your SME and Still Be Yourself By Sylvain Hilby

In Quebec, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are usually confronted with one of these four challenges: ...

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Memories of Las Vegas… By Stéphane Rochereau

Didn’t make it to Vegas for the annual IIBA business analysts conference? Here are some key takeaways. ...

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Special edition–ACMP annual conference: Is it time to kill the company? By Sylvie Charbonneau

As the world evolves more and more quickly, the companies that survive are those that can rapidly adapt to the multiple changes that transform their industry, and to the increasingly higher...

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Mission, Vision & Values: What If We Shifted the Paradigm? By Astrid Coliche, in collaboration with Philippe Carpentier and Maude Laliberté.

We’re observing that clients are increasingly willing to address this issue by involving middle-managers and employees in this key process.

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