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point interrogation

A Coaches Secret Weapon: The Powerful Question!

When it comes to coaching, people often talk about active listening. In fact, this boils down to the ability to ask the right questions, i.e. the ones that allow coaches…

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certified interrogation

CCMP – to get certified or not to get certified? That is the question.

Who is the ideal candidate for certification? Ever since the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) launched the Certified Change Management Professional CCMPTM (Certified Change Management ProfessionalMC ) certification program,…

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Transforming an organization also means transforming its managers

With over 20 years of management experience, I am fully aware that a manager’s role is to adhere to an organization’s vision of change and to constantly adapt to it….

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Méditation volet 1

Special edition–ACMP annual conference: How about adding meditation to our change management toolbox? Part 1

Concept Forget about gurus, incense, cramp-inducing postures and time-travelling introspection: I want to talk about an entirely different kind of mediation. The kind that won Wendy Quan first prize at…

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Supervisor and manager: Completing each other

When we talk about change management, there’s a lot of discussion about the manager’s role – which seems normal, because managers take on multiple tasks, i.e. participating in detailed impact…

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imPossible concept

Managing change and operations simultaneously: Don’t panic! It’s possible!

Managers are sending out an S.O.S.: handling operations takes up 100% of their time, yet managing change requires just as much energy. It all seems so impossible, unless they agree…

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Recognition: An overrated concept or a winning practice?

Comme certains de vous le savent déjà, un des 8 accélérateurs de changement selon John P. Kotter est de célébrer les victoires. Dans mon expérience, plus la transformation est profonde et touche des dimensions telle la culture organisationnelle, plus elle nécessitera de temps avant de récolter les bénéfices escomptés. La reconnaissance devient alors un levier qui peut faire une réelle différence.As some of you may already know, one of the eight steps for leading change according to John P. Kotter is to celebrate the wins. In my experience, the deeper the transformation and the more it impacts aspects such as organizational culture, the more time it requires to reap the expected benefits. Recognition then becomes a lever that can make a real difference.

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Coaching – personalized guidance to address change.

Ever since my first interventions as a professional coach during transformation projects, I observed that the word “coaching” was among the most misused words in the practice of change management….

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2012 ACMP conference summary: Trends in change management

Back from the second international Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) conference, we would like to give you a summary of our learnings from this unique event in change management….

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Developing better change leaders

Few companies can avoid big, periodic changes in the guts of their business. Whatever the cause—market maturation, a tough macroeconomic environment, creeping costs, competitive struggles, or just a desire to…

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