Discover the new business novel “Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle” co-written by Sylvie Charbonneau, Aline Baron and Céline Bareil


Discover the new business novel Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle, co-written by two members of the Brio Conseils team, president Sylvie Charbonneau and executive advisor Aline Baron, as well as Céline Bareil, a professor in the management department at HEC Montreal.
This story and guide follows step by step a young executive, Léa, as she sets out to transform her business. The story allows us to analyze every success and misstep along her journey, which includes following the five-step change management approach, CAPTE: Comprehend, Adhere to, Participate, Transfer and Evolve. The book offers 20 practical tools to better advance, question and learn, engaging readers to reflect more deeply.

If you are in a management role and have to oversee a transformation of your organization, if you are in a consulting role, or if you are studying in the field of change management, this book is for you. It will help you to better understand, prepare for and clarify all aspects of your change management project.

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