Brio in partnership with Elia

Specializing in digital transformation, the European firm Elia brings digital knowledge and innovation expertise to Brio’s offering. This allows us to meet the growing need for companies to face paradigm changes and accelerate their digital transformation.

Inspired by design-thinking methodologies and innovative start-up practices, Brio and Elia have teamed up to:

  • Define and steer your innovation program
  • Design new business and operational models
  • Leverage data for digital marketing
  • Introduce new work methods and cchieve your cultural and organizational transformations

In a nutshell, Elia is:

  • A “native” hybrid of innovation, data and digital skills
  • A proven innovation methodology
  • Concrete achievements in financial services, distribution, consumer products, telecommunications and health in Europe
  • A European firm that works hand in hand with Brio