Let’s talk successful HR transformation at Desjsardins, CRHA congress 2016.

Get the behind the scene account of a major transformation initiated by the first vice-presidency human resource and key Desjardins leaders, spearheaded by Brio, your management boutique.

The speakers: Sylvie Charbonneau, president of Brio, Raynald Bisson, vice-president, RH transformation programs at Desjardins, and Johanne Fortier, CRHA, lead transformation manager, will discuss success factors, from vision redefinition to service offering, and overall program structure.  This workshop will review the key challenges and turning points of this deep reinvention that proved to be strongly supported by the whole team.


Thursday September 8 – 1 h 45 to 2 h 45

CHRA Congress, September 8 and 9 at Palais des congrès. (Register now)