Amelie Barreau

A lover of nature and water, Amélie attaches great importance to the symbiosis and synchronicity of elements undergoing change and transformation, just as she does when practicing water sports.

With over 15 years of professional experience in management as well as change and human resources management within small and large organizations, Amélie has a nimble mind and a strong ability to adapt. She uses these qualities to quickly understand the reality of her clients.

Her analytical side and capacity to gain insight into any ecosystem help her discern her clients’ issues and offer the optimal strategies to meet their needs. She promotes collaboration and cohesion towards common goals while creating the space necessary for the individuals around her to grow.

Amélie’s driving force allows her to contribute to the transformation, development and influence of her clients, while refining her own knowledge. She adopts a results-focused approach and aims to implement ideal, realistic, and concrete solutions. She is known for her capacity to analyze and mobilize, her efficiency, and her ability to create relationships of trust with all her employees.

Amélie is a perceptive and attentive person who has a knack for putting her finger on problems that are difficult to identify. She will support you and propose the most relevant approach for your organization.