Gabrielle Lebrun

Whether in her travels to the four corners of the world or at Brio’s offices, Gabrielle considers that the real beauty of an experience always lies in the individuals that she meets along the way. Surrounded by the right people, the journey is as exceptional as the destination!

Gabrielle has more than 7 years of professional experience in individual coaching, research, and organizational development. Having worked mainly in the public sector, she has carried out large-scale cross-cutting mandates in health and social services and supported many employees and managers in conflict management. With her multidisciplinary background–which combines counselling, criminology, psychoeducation and organizational development–she adapts quickly to new realities, with an unshakeable faith in people and their abilities.

Empathetic, curious, and thoughtful, Gabrielle understands the discomfort that comes with losing balance, but considers it to be the starting point for the most incredible transformations. She knows better than anyone how to detect and unearth the reflections and needs relevant to the development of her clients. Her great analytical skills allow her to consider different points of view and to link them constructively towards a common goal.

Gabrielle believes that the best surprises of a transformational journey occur when you dare to venture off the beaten track.