Joanne Desjardins

Photo Joanne Desjardins

For Joanne, life is a marathon, not a sprint. Planning for the future means chasing and building unpredictability. Brick by brick, she builds the future of her clients with ardour and rigour with the perseverance of a marathon runner.

Multidisciplinary strategist, Joanne thrives on challenges. Whether it’s running a half-marathon or developing a business strategy. Her human approach characterizes her interventions with clients. It manifests itself in a personalized approach that is part of a long-term relationship with them. Her language translates her thoughts. Quickly, the “I” bowed out for the “we” and “doing it together”. Driven by her contagious dynamism, she makes the success of her clients a personal matter… On your guard! She prepares her clients to overcome uncertainty, navigate the storm, ensure the sustainability of their organization and above all, makes it prosper. Her “marathon” rather than “sprint” vision will make her support meaningful to clients and will allow lasting effects to be put in place.