Kevin Bergeron

Kevin views organizational transformation as a learning journey, one in which each stakeholder needs to be attentive to what’s going on around them and the initial game plan is continually adjusted based on emerging signals.

As an avid fan of strategy games, Kevin loves using his analytical skills to identify issues and capitalize on opportunities—particularly those arising from the changing environments in organizational transformations. With six years of experience in operational efficiency, strategy and change management, Kevin is well equipped to take on a variety of roles in project work. He’s worked on numerous initiatives to roll out new technologies and optimize processes, consistently using his leadership skills and desire to provide valuable support during the transformation process.

Kevin’s business sense runs deep, as he ran a student franchise with record-breaking success in Quebec all while completing his bachelor’s degree. He then earned a master’s degree in management sciences (strategy profile) from HEC Montréal, where he wrote a research paper on how high-knowledge organizations proceed with knowledge transfer as part of their succession planning. He also participated in the Montreal-Barcelona Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society.

From the games room to the boardroom, Kevin is known for being meticulously prepared, having sharp observational skills and being highly adaptable when assisting business leaders with their transformation projuects, which are all too often marked with unknowns and uncertainty.