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Marie-Ève tackles company transformation with the attitude she shows when going on an adventure. Whether it’s going to live abroad, outdoing herself outdoors or discovering imposing landscapes, her projects stem from a touch of boldness. Her success in navigating these situations off the beaten track can be explained by her openness, her ease in creating relationships and her ability to adapt.

With a master’s degree in human resources management, Marie-Ève combines her communication and group dynamics expertise with her diagnosis and organizational development proficiency to complete the transformation. All the while considering that each project is unique and that the approach should just be as unique.

Marie-Ève is recognized for her collaboration, customer service, empathy and commitment to her projects. In changing times, she relies on her curiosity to determine the specifics of the challenges, on her creativity to suggest innovative solutions and on her perseverance to reach new heights.

She brings the group closer to the goal one step at a time, because “we can go faster when we’re alone, but we can go further when we’re together.” Go on an adventure with Marie-Ève to discover how, with passion, she can guide you along the sometimes winding paths of transformation.