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Understanding challenges, pushing boundaries, taking an interest in people and their environment… this is Mélanie’s approach, both at Brio and in her personal life. Whether in sport, in nature or on a daily basis with her loved ones, this is always her mindset.

Passionate about all her undertakings, Mélanie likes to touch on everything related to human resources. Having always worked with clients from various change and transformation companies, our consultant has the great ability to rally people around a common goal. Helping clients and their organizations evolve through these transformations and understanding the challenges that need to be overcome are her main priorities. This is what allows her to guide them well and to discern the support they need.

Curious at heart, Mélanie often ventures out into nature to recharge her batteries. She likes to discover new things, to think outside the box and develop new cultures. It is her way of creating a deep relationship of trust with others, in addition to being an authentic and unparalleled facilitator.