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When she was younger, Pascale loved playing with Lego, which revealed her structured and Cartesian side, but also her colourful and creative qualities. Today, she juggles these forces, both in her role as a specialist and in her personal life.

Considerate, structured and intuitive, Pascale has all the qualities of a specialist in document editing and production. Her writing, which she is passionate about, allows her to rationalize her thoughts and structure her strategic plans. Having worked as a technical writer and translator for more than 16 years, Pascale brilliantly masters everything related to documentation: layout, revision, writing, translation, etc. She never misses those typos!

Pascale’s pragmatic approach is one of her great strengths; she thinks of everything, even details that many would miss. Constantly motivated to improve processes of all kinds, Brio’s openness in regard to her objectives is, for her, the basis of a successful collaboration.