Whether it's about evolution, transformation or even total reinvention, organizations don't need a guru: they need a guide.

Our expertise

Whatever the context for your transformation, Brio can guide you towards your desired results.

Our guidance

Whether it’s about evolution, transformation or even total reinvention, organizations don’t need a guru: they need a guide.

Along with our clients, we co-build tomorrow’s organizations, making them more human and more efficient. From strategic thinking to change implementation, to the development of leaders and management teams, we help our clients implement an agile and innovative culture.
This involves the entire organization, in perfect alignment with the vision of its leaders – who have become transformational leaders.

  • Strategy : Alignment | Business model | Operational model
  • Governance : Risk | Performance | Ethics
  • Transformation : Cultural | Organizational | Digital
  • Leadership & coaching : Individual | Collective | Transformational
  • Implementation

Strategy and business model

Brio helps leaders and organizations structure, foster and challenge their thinking to develop a solid vision of their evolution, which will then be anchored within their teams. This gives the organization more focus. The Brio approach continues to help ideas and ambitions converge and come to life in the organization’s capacities. It helps gain in-depth knowledge of the external ecosystem’s challenges (competitive environment, market trends, client experience expectations, technological evolutions) and consolidate their internal ecosystem (organization, financial model, culture, values), to ensure organizational and financial execution is aligned with strategic priorities.

This strategic thinking is based on a creative, yet pragmatic approach, delivering concrete, articulated results that can be rolled out on the front lines. And because this all happens in “co-building” mode with various stakeholders, the resulting projects and transformations are embedded in the organization’s history, opening a new chapter that brings the required energy and conviction to take on whatever challenges lie ahead for the implentation.

“As the person in charge of strategic thinking, I got to benefit from the sustained support of the Brio team, which proved to be highly efficient in putting together a relevant and astute knowledge base in order to articulate the strategic decisions we needed to take. The Brio team made sure that management team members got to actively participate in the process, and we succeeded in creating a team strategy, which led to better group synergy.”

Nathalie Larue,
Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Marketing and Personal Services

“Brio’s guidance in our strategic thinking had an enormous impact on all of us at bciti. Beyond the focus that this exercise gave us, it also brought clarity, meaning and mobilization to every employee and manager, and even to administrators. A huge THANK YOU for the outstanding work!!”

Viviane Gravel,
Founder & CEO
, bciti

Organizational and Operational Model

The strategy’s execution depends on the alignment of organizational assets, i.e. structure, processes, etc. Certain functions and activities may become obsolete, while others need to evolve. Changing directions implies looking at how you do things and how you’re organized.

For this exercise, Brio deploys all its strategic, organizational-design, mobilization, implementation and operational-excellence expertise to ensure the organization and its governance are optimal and in sync with strategic business objectives. It’s about aligning the company’s business and operational model to its ambitions, clients’ expectations, strategies and priorities with what really goes on in the trenches, so that every activity can create value for key clients and stakeholders.

“Working with Philippe Carpentier for the past few years, and now as part of the Brio Conseils team, has propelled UNI in its drive to be an impactful, major-league player. Brio understands our issues, proposes ambitious strategies, and guides us with a great deal of agility.”

Robert Moreau,
CEO, UNI Coopération financière

“Brio’s intervention in the company-wide roll-out of our expected behaviours and values – aimed at employees and management – led us to question our traditional vision of leadership and spurred the evolution of the entire team’s managerial skills. Both innovative and pragmatic, Brio’s approach was greatly appreciated by everyone in our overseas team.”
Xavier Tadeschi,
Human Relations Manager, Innothera (Group)


Brio is a catalyst. It starts with a transformation target, on paper; and it ends with a tangible, effective transformation, in practice. In between, Brio consultants are there to supply the know-how, tools, support and coaching required to make change happen, smoothly and in keeping with all stakeholder requirements.

Brio leverages its toolbox and expertise to build a transformation approach that’s adapted to the organization’s concerns, capacity and culture, so ambition becomes reality and expected benefits become concrete.

“The people I work with are spontaneous, real, smiling … and they are not afraid to ask the tough questions.”

Julie Pouliot,
Sales and Market Development Director, Energir


Organizations who lead successful transformations are those who dare to evolve their leadership style at the same time. The journey towards transformational leadership isn’t the exclusive domain of managers and executives: it also involves the combined evolution of several aspects of the ecosystem, i.e. individual, collective and organizational.

Brio challenges, evolves and develops:

  • Leaders at the helm of a transformation, so they can give it a clear and ambitious direction, mobilizing its full potential and delivering concrete action
  • The teams involved, so they can reinforce their cohesion and improve their collective performance in a spirit of shared responsibility
  • Individuals, so they can achieve their full potential and actively contribute to the organization’s evolution

Triggering Contexts

Digital Transformation

Successfully “going digital” isn’t just about technology: it’s also – and mostly – about adopting a new state of mind and understanding new consumer habits and technological capabilities, and then integrating them into an organization’s business and operational models. To avoid wasted spending or nightmare scenarios, it’s essential to take a global approach to the digital shift, and to ask yourself the right questions right off the bat.

Working closely with its European partner Elia Consulting, Brio leverages its concrete transformational experience with major European players, along with its practical experience in digital transformation.


Merger & Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are driven by a need for growth – or sometimes, survival. However, tackling this mission solely with an eye towards integrating two separate entities may result in a missed opportunity to reinvent the organization.

A successful merger or acquisition starts with solid planning and seamless governance, followed by the intervention of Brio consultants, who can help you seize opportunities to confidently enter a new reality… To turn desired benefits into reality, the challenges can be daunting: aligning the existing organizational visions and cultures, redefining management structures, integrating technologies, optimizing processes, reorganizing human resources, communicating with partners, suppliers and clients… the list goes on and on.

Implementing Integrated Business Solutions

To ensure that new technological solutions and platforms translate to genuine business solutions, it takes more than a simple CRM or ERP, and a brilliant integrator. Other ingredients are required, such as in-depth reflection and a clear intention regarding your choice of solution; a comprehension of the new business positionings required to conduct the transformation; a complete and effective integration of the chosen tool throughout the organization’s value chain; and total and effective ownership from all stakeholders.

Client Experience, Agile or Innovation Culture

For organizations to be in sync with the expectations of today’s clients, and a step ahead of the competition, Brio uses innovative strategies to help rethink the client experience, while evolving the employee experience and making sure they both align. At Brio, we’re convinced that mobilized and engaged employees are the cornerstone of a true client experience culture.

New Manager or Management Team

Whether resulting from an internal move or an external hire, the arrival of a new leader or a new management team is a key milestone in the life of an organization. In these often critical moments, Brio intervenes: sometimes ahead of time, supporting the constitution of this team in terms of designing roles and selecting members; and sometimes afterwards, when it comes to consolidating the team, providing individual or team coaching or guiding it in the definition of its priorities with regard to organizational challenges. For us, aligning a team and establishing the proper dynamic, based on these priorities, represent key components – even prerequisites – for success.