We inspire leaders in their organization's continuous evolution, so they can create a difference in people's lives and in their ecosystems.

Our mission

We help them create meaning and impart a clear and ambitious vision by mobilizing collective intelligence and leveraging human assets. We are a collective of talents specializing in strategy, transformation and leadership, convinced that lasting change is decided, defined and realized through frontline action. Developing people and organizations for a new era: Brio, management boutique.

Boutique Approach

A Boutique Approach

All transformation projects are unique to their organizations – so much so that even the most tried and tested strategies and tactics must be adapted to fit not only each context, but also each manager and each drive to go further.

With this in mind, coming to Brio means coming into a boutique where consultants are made-to-measure experts. Working hand in hand with the client, we co-create strategies and solutions to fit each challenge.

With over 75 experienced consultants, Brio brings together the country’s largest concentration of talent in strategy, transformation and leadership.

Management boutique

A management boutique fosters a state of mind focusing on commitment, availability, proximity, flexibility and goodwill. It’s a personalized, human approach.

In proximity mode (rather than high atop an ivory tower), we strive to uncover transformative grassroots ideas and facilitate their implementation, based on shared objectives. Not being part of a large network gives us total independence of thought, in addition to maximizing our openness and creativity.

“I got to experience for myself the high caliber of talent at Brio. We were in the habit of only dealing with large firms (the “Big 4”) to guide us in this type of exercise. I have to admit, the results we achieved were beyond my expectations, and it’s all thanks to the disciplined approached, professionalism and competence of our support team.”

Guy Cormier,

then Senior Vice-president, Branch Network & Consumer Services, Desjardins

The Transformation League

The Transformation League brings together independent transformation and management consultancies, all leaders in their respective markets.