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C2 Montréal : Shaping Your Organization’s Future by Leveraging the Strength of Your Group


C2 Montréal and International is a growing entrepreneurial business. C2 connects the worlds of commerce and creativity to explore the major trends, opportunities, upheavals, and changes on the horizon. Much like it does for leaders and businesses here and abroad, C2’s executive team sought to redefine its future and clarify its business goals and priorities for the coming years.


Brio proposed a process of reflection fit for a creative, entrepreneurial, and growing organization.

To ensure its success, Brio organized co-development sessions with multidisciplinary teams to explore several themes it identified as pivotal to C2’s future.

In addition, all employees were asked to share their ideas on the business’s evolution. During this key phase, employees were given the opportunity to contribute to the business’s evolution and enhance the options on the table.

Options were proposed, analyzed, and then integrated into a broader examination conducted by the executive team to establish its vision and priorities. A process of reflection in a dance studio was thereby favoured by the executive committee.

Ultimately, alignment around certain key measures of success allowed the team to define targets and promote shared responsibility. Knowing that leaders are entrepreneurs who need to try, test, and move quickly, these measures of success (as opposed to detailed action plans) gave them the chance to discuss targets, strategic options, and implementation challenges to resolve as a team.


Brio committed itself to offering an integrated approach to C2’s culture. Working in close collaboration and co-construction, Brio was able to initiate a change and lay the groundwork for the next phases of development.

As such, the teams’ on-the-ground and engaged approach established winning conditions, ensuring the progression of the entire organization toward a common goal.



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