Loto-Québec : Giving Leaders and Their Teams the Tools to Build Their Capacity for Continuous Change

The Challenge

To build its change management expertise and facilitate the ownership of transformations stemming from numerous projects, Loto-Québec was looking for a simple, solid and proven internal process and toolbox. Over the years, the organization had realized the importance of change ownership as a component for success – as well as the importance of properly coordinating efforts among stakeholders, from support teams to managers.

Loto-Québec called on Brio to design and communicate development and training programs for all target clienteles.

The Approach

Brio presented Loto-Québec with a training and content architecture that would bring managers and support teams to share their approach, with practical tools to manage the human component of change.

The initiative’s complexity consisted in bringing together all the target clienteles around a common language and frame of reference, while still taking into consideration the diversity of profiles and the level of internal change management expertise. Based on the organization’s existing expertise and concrete experience, Brio developed a series of practical learning workshops focusing on change management cycle ownership, and how to manage employee concerns. We worked closely with the client throughout the process to not only develop, test and adjust the approach, but also to enhance its actionability. Transmitting our expertise to internal teams allowed them to develop full autonomy to share their knowledge, establish mechanisms and address concerns.

The Brio difference

Since the start of the project, all managers and change stakeholders at Société des Casinos and its Loto-Québec divisions have been trained. Sharing a common frame of reference has allowed us to clarify each person’s role in terms of change management, and to empower all stakeholders to take charge of its human component – which is being closely monitored and systematically measured in all projects.



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