Taking Care of Our Managers and Supporting Them During the Crisis

In these times of confusion and unpredictability, Brio coaches and consultants are available online to assist you.

With our remote coaching sessions, we can help your managers refocus and maintain a certain balance during these uncertain times.

Brio is proud to propose its team of 12 expert coaches to provide support during this unprecedented crisis and help your teams face the following issues:

  • Managing my time and priorities during this time of crisis
  • Managing remotely to mobilize teams and their members
  • Staying in touch with colleagues and other key stakeholders in my organization and taking stock of their challenges
  • Rethinking and possibly transforming my role, my department
  • Remaining calm and managing my stress level
  • Finding a balance between telecommuting and remaining productive with children in the home
  • Making business sense of the crisis and relaying this information to our teams
  • Preparing for the eventual resumption of activities

Our accompaniment is flexible and customized to create a quick positive impact.

Contact us and get a free consultation to assess your needs.



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