Camille Simard-Lavoie

Senior Consultant

“Hiking in the mountains is like consulting,” says Camille. “You must be properly equipped to manage the unpredictable and react to anything that comes your way.”

At Brio, Camille approaches each transformation project with attention to detail, positive attitude and a knack for diplomacy. She has blazed the trail on change management, organizational development and strategic thinking projects with clients of all levels in both the private and public sector. Camille takes the unexpected in stride and her keen analytical mind quickly adapts strategies, whether she’s working on Mergers & Acquisitions, technological change or organizational design. Camille makes the most of her dynamic personality, professional discipline and interpersonal skills to blend into her work teams and meet her clients’ needs.

On a mountain trail or at a boardroom table, Camille always steps back so she can see the big picture and never loses sight of her destination—no matter the obstacles along her path.