Caroline Lefebvre

Senior Consultant

“Caroline loves adventure. From travelling to kayaking to hiking, she’s always looking to escape the beaten path. By constantly stepping out of her comfort zone, she’s developed a capacity to adapt to any situation, as she quickly sizes up her environment and makes the most of it in order to rally people around a common goal.”

With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from HEC Montréal and 5 years of HR experience in various industries, Caroline loves to meet new people and explore new ways of doing things – a personality trait she applies to both work and travel. Her natural curiosity, open-mindedness, and talent for analytical thinking never fail to lead her to the best solutions to move companies and leaders forward.

Caroline combines a great sense of humanity with a brilliant strategic mind and a capacity for critical thinking, making her a remarkable asset for the successful completion of major mandates. In her playbook, teamwork, commitment and an open exchange of ideas always lead to victory.