Diana Yazidjian

Senior Consultant

“Diana believes that stepping out your comfort zone can be liberating and trigger creativity. This is how she feels about diving from a cliff. It was one of her biggest fears that she overcame after months of practice and coaching.  It is a daily reminder that change does not come without effort, both at work and play!”

Diana boasts 16 years of experience in organisational transformation in a variety of sectors, notably health, digital, e-commerce, telco, finance and real estate, in Europe, Canada and the United States. She developed a strategic and innovative mindset with these diverse experiences and the ability to adapt rapidly to new context. Specifically for the largest French carrier, where she led teams to harmonize their management project activities and innovative, and Management to adopt new financial norms and achieve new performance goals.

Diana is a true vulgarizer and she is passionate about mobilizing teams with accessible and compelling messaging. She was also part of the internet wave and helped many businesses become digital players.

Diana believes that the sea of knowledge is made to be shared by the many. What she sets out to do in practice through blogs and speaking engagements.