Julie Gagnon

Executive Consultant

In both her professional life and her bike rides, Julie recognizes that success depends on the quality of teamwork where everyone’s contribution is essential to the safety and performance of the group.

This is how she teams up with her clients to maximize results in developing their strategic plan. In a more tactical way, she makes sure, like the leader of a bicycle peloton, to take responsibility for her group, to face the wind when necessary in order to make life easier for her teammates and to announce the obstacles on the road in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Thus, her cycling team members, just like her business partners, trust her.

Julie is a general practitioner with a wide variety of experiences: culture, communication, tourism and leisure. Having been a manager for a long time, she knows how to put herself in the client’s boots in order to better help them. Her consulting experience relates in particular to strategic planning mandates that turn into a precise and effective action plan, development of organizational diagnosis and integrated risk management framework. Like the bike, Julie is a team girl who is on her X when leading workgroups, combining fun and seriousness. She won’t be afraid to walk the miles with you to get you beyond your goals!