Marie-France Veilleux

Executive Consultant

« Balance is impermanent and it takes hard work to reach it. By definition it is a state influenced by a number of forces. » Marie-France prioritizes balance in her everyday life. She manages to reach it through yoga, meditation and her numerous adventure trips 

With her clientsjust like in life, her goal is to create harmony between various opposing forces, whether it’s our human relationships or our relationship towards EarthMarie-France believes that we often have to accept some discomfort in imbalance, ask ourselves questions and experiment in order to better find ourselves. Having an everlasting impact requires empathy, great curiosityopenness and the ability to mobilize people and organizations to ensure they find their real purpose: this is something Marie-France always strives to put forward with her clients 

Marie-France has diverse personal and professional experiences as a lawyer in labor relations and corporate governance and a member of the steering committee for a large organization. She is also a mother who is committed to several causes: Marie-France knows how to have a positive influence on her environment and use her strengths for the benefit of her clients.