Marise Folco

Executive assistant

“Marise has a passion for creativity in many forms, from painting to film to gardening to home décor. She loves to make connections, either person to person, or between people and their environment. Marise has a talent for visualizing what a room will look like after she’s removed its divisions – a talent that comes in very handy when making long-term strategic decisions in an organization.”

Marise has over 25 years of experience as an administrative assistant, including 7 years as an executive assistant in business strategy & development for a major consulting firm. Her knowledge of the business world, her devotion to her work and her long-term vision have allowed her to build enriching relationships, even in constantly changing environments.

What motivates Marise above all else is the satisfaction of working on a project and seeing it develop, transform and grow. Starting from scratch, she has the ability to create a lush garden. Her interest in transformation is reflected in the passion she brings to every project at Brio.