Robert Paquette

Executive Consultant

“Robert is a film buff who is fascinated by the construction of a screenplay. Storytelling is his passion and he often uses this art to get his teams on the same page to reach the desired results.”

Robert began his career in human capital management and for over 20 years he has worked with professional teams and managers—in all spheres of activity in the public and private sectors—to make them strategic partners focused on their organization’s business needs. He helps them renew their paradigms, think outside the box and reinvent themselves. For him, partnering with leaders in transformation is a creative process that draws upon the life force of an organization to properly define the benefits of a project, to identify potential impacts on work teams in order propose the best strategies to meet potential challenges and finally, to make measurable gains in organizational performance.

No matter the location or the actors on set, Robert understands how synergy between all members of the production team can create a resounding finale. And he should know—he sits as Vice-President on the Board of Directors of the Montreal International Documentary Festival.