Sylvain Hilby

Executive Consultant

“ Sylvain Hilby is a hockey aficionado who’s been lacing up his skates in France and Quebec for almost 30 years. As a team player, he loves to hit the ice with senior managers taking on major transformational challenges. He is a great leader specializing in break-out strategies.”

Over the last 13 years, he has been coaching managers in different areas: strategic planning, operational efficiency, new business undertakings, business social responsibility, management of large-scale programs, and much more. Sylvain has developed an expertise in organizational diagnostics, and in change design and management. Regardless of the challenge at hand, he’ll sharpen his skates, put on his gear and get ready to help score a winning goal.

He is an inspiring captain able to understand the issues, identify the strategies that must be implemented and assist senior management in recording a win. His professionalism, perseverance and discipline inspire managers of all stripes. Like an athlete in top form, he leads businesses to fulfill their ambitions and bring about wished-for organizational change.