Sylvie Guignon

Executive Consultant

“Photography and organizational transformation are very similar. To take a successful shot, you need to step back to fully see your subject and ensure that the most important elements are present and in the light.”

Sylvie boasts over twenty-five years of experience within various ministries, organizations, multinationals, and public and private companies, both in France and Quebec. Throughout her career, she has developed her transformation and change management expertise, particularly in the analysis and revision of business processes, large-scale technological changes, and leadership development. A unifying leader herself, Sylvie always demonstrates great integrity, and always respects the complexity of the practices and contexts of the clients she is collaborating with.

Whether behind the lens or behind a transformation, Sylvie is sure to carry out a meticulous analysis of her subjects and their environments, focussing on key areas without ever losing sight of the objectives.